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Tree Services in Sydney for Complete Tree Care

A Fantastic gardener cutting a tree branch during a tree service in SydneyWhether your property is on the large side, with tall and well-established trees, or you own a quaint suburban garden with a small Australian native feature tree growing in the middle, Fantastic Gardeners Sydney can assist you with their care.

We offer comprehensive tree services in Sydney, which endeavour to maintain the health of your woody plants, as well as promote growth and ensure their aesthetic look. In addition, we count on skilled arborist technicians who are also experienced in clearing sites by removing dangerous or unhealthy old trees to make space for new plant life or for your garden design project ideas.

Our company also specialises in tree planting services. So, we can help you introduce new trees in your garden space for decorative reasons or to serve another specific purpose.

The importance of getting the job done by a seasoned tree expert

When it comes to handling tree care projects, most people are simply not up to the job, due to their lack of specialised equipment and knowledge. Moreover, most tree surgery jobs involve a high degree of danger, thus hiring a certified arborist is a must. This is where you can take advantage of our tree maintenance expertise and count on:

  • Fully insured and licensed tree technicians
  • Professional advice on the most suitable solution
  • Timely services with guaranteed results
  • Up-to-date specialist machinery and tools
  • Complete coverage of Sydney and the suburbs
  • Easy booking options and short-notice callouts

What we do and how we handle your tree service

When the Fantastic tree experts arrive at your property, they will diagnose the nature of your tree problem and discuss your requests. Depending on what you need, they will suggest the most cost-effective and safest solution.

We offer the following tree services:

  • Tree removal – Expertly removing unsafe trees after assessing carefully the site and if a council approval has been granted when required.
  • Tree pruning – Includes crown thinning or trimming off dead branches to ensure a more vigorous growth of your decorative or fruit trees.
  • Stump grinding – Stump removal, tree roots clearance and stump grinding to open up space for a new garden feature, for instance, or to keep wood-destroying insects at bay.

Also, we specialise in tree planting/replanting services, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Our tree surgery service is designed to maintain not only well-established specimens in good condition by removing dead or diseased branches from the tree but also it can be booked to protect your property from potential harm. For instance, you may need a tree surgeon to help you reduce gutter blockages, eliminate the risk of roof damage, wildfire hazards and electrical fires, which may happen due to overgrown power lines. Or tree surgery assistance may be required to increase the amount of light your home gets, to enhance the view or to keep possums and other wildlife pests away.
We work with dedicated horticulturalists who boast sound tree knowledge and expertise. So, whether you need to plant fruit trees, introduce decorative species or wish to grow some native trees to protect your privacy or to create more shade, the Fantastic gardeners are always ready to assist you. The gardening specialists can also help if you decide to transplant small trees to a different area of your garden, after taking into consideration the type of soil and the suitability of the new location.

Let a professional take care safely of your trees!

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