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Safe & Prompt Tree Removal Services in Sydney

There are a number of reasons that you may feel you need to book a tree removal service. Whether the plant poses danger to people or buildings, or you require more space to proceed with your new property extension, you can confidently entrust the job to us.

Other reasons include:

  • Dying tree – The tree is suffering from dieback or another disease and cannot be saved.
  • Smothering tree – Other trees cannot thrive because of an invasive, fast-growing specimen.
  • Noxious tree – The tree is particularly toxic to people and animals.
  • Obstructing tree – The woody plant is an undesirable obstacle.
  • Hazardous tree – The tree branches or roots can cause structural damage to your property.

In addition, trees may need to be removed as a prevention measure, when tree pruning cannot help keep potential hazards low. For instance, bushfire risk is a common reason for ensuring that a building is clear from trees, shrubs and other vegetation (10/50 Code of Practice).

The benefits that come with our tree cutting solutions

Our Sydney-based company offers tree cutting and tree removal services, which are fully insured and comply with all safety regulations. Still, we always consider, first, other tree care methods that are alternative to the complete removal of the tree and use the latter as a last resort to handle your tree situation. For instance, if tree surgery can remedy your specific problem with the same results as removing the tree, the Fantastic specialists will consult you on all your viable options. With us, you will always get:

  • Professional advice and expert opinion prior to the service
  • Inspection to identify if the tree is exempt from requiring an approval
  • Qualified, certified and fully insured arborist technicians
  • Specialist equipment and advanced machinery
  • Compliance with safety standards and relevant legislation
  • Options to combine more than one tree service, such as stump grinding
  • Comprehensive customer support by a dedicated team

What to expect from your tree removal service

The tree removal service is executed only after a careful evaluation of the site and the tree itself, performed by the specialist team of arborists. The technicians will take into consideration important factors, such as the proximity of the tree to power lines, surrounding buildings and other trees, as well as to vehicles parked near the site. Based on their findings, they will select the most effective and safest method to cut and remove the undesirable tree.

The tree removalists will use specialist equipment to execute the job and will abide to all relevant safety standards in the process. They will securely remove, cut and load the tree, as well as clear the ground from debris and fallen branches.

Did you know?

# Weed tree species: There are many invasive tree species in Australia that cause an adverse effect on the well-being of native flora. Some of them are even toxic and are best removed.

# Tree lopping: Tree lopping is an extreme sort of tree trimming method that involves cutting off major branches and leads to disfiguring the tree. The plant becomes distressed and more prone to disease.

# Council approval: More often than not, you will need to obtain a council’s approval, first, before proceeding with the task of removing a tree from your property. Also, you may be required to fulfil the tree replacement condition (plant a tree) in order to have an approval granted.

Stay safe and leave your tree removal to the experts!

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