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Professional Tree Pruning in Sydney

Tree pruning in Sydney by Fantastic GardenersTrees require professional pruning on a regular basis for a number of reasons. They are living organisms, which need care and maintenance in order to grow healthy and in good shape. Woody plants are also prone to disease, where disinfection pruning comes into play as the only remedial solution. Furthermore, tree trimming is often necessary to benefit people and their properties, whether to ensure their safety and comfort or purely for aesthetic gains.

Whatever justification you have found to need your trees trimmed, we could not stress enough how important it is to leave this task to the professionals.

Choose our tree trimming services in Sydney

Tree pruning is a specialised service that requires skills, knowledge and the right equipment and tools. We, at Fantastic Gardeners Sydney, work with certified tree surgeons who have the experience, qualifications and expertise to handle any tree trimming job with outstanding results. The seasoned arborists will inspect your plants and discuss your requirements with you before offering their expert advice on the best possible care your tree needs. By booking our tree pruning service, you can rest assured to get:

  • High-standard workmanship
  • Industry-powered equipment
  • Fully insured arborist technicians
  • Compliance with safety codes
  • Full coverage of Sydney
  • Easy and flexible bookings

And why not take advantage of other services that we offer, such as hedge trimming, tree removal, garden cleanup and more?

What tree pruning services we provide

Whether you need a tree pruned for its own benefit or by trimming it you wish to achieve a result that is favourable to you and your property, we can help. We offer specialised tree pruning solutions in Sydney that enhance the health of your woody plants, as well as such that are designed to protect your property or are beneficial to you.

  • Fruit tree pruning – Fruit trees need be pruned regularly to ensure their health and correct growth, as well as to enhance fruit production.
  • Shaping young trees – When young, trees should be pruned to make sure they grow properly and into the right shape.
  • Curative pruning – It is designed to extend the life of a mature tree by promoting the growth of new branches.
  • Crown lifting – Lower branches are removed to improve the view from your property, for better security or to gain more space under the tree.
  • Containing the size of a tree – Some trees allow to be reduced in size from the crown downwards when there is a pressing reason for this.
  • Pruning/lopping of specifically selected branches – Undertaken usually for safety reasons (overgrown power lines, the risk of property structural damage, pest control) or to achieve a better light exposure for your property.

In addition to the above tree pruning solutions, we also offer crown thinning and dead wooding, which are among the most sought after tree care services in our experience.

To ensure an improved airflow and better light exposure for the rest of the branches, we recommend regular crown thinning of your trees. The pruning method involves removing about 10% of the secondary branches, which are no thicker than 50mm in diameter.
The removal of dead branches is a type of tree trimming procedure called deadwood pruning. Trees naturally shed dead branches, which are best removed before they cause property damage or pose risk to people’s safety.

Get the right care your trees need!

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