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Professional Lawn Mowing Services in Sydney

Lawn mowing in Sydney by Fantastic GardenersHow often do you skip the lawn mowing task because something has just come up? And when it happens, the guilt strikes. Not to mention that your lawn will suffer from every missed trim. Well, this is where Fantastic Gardeners can be of your assistance if you simply book our professional lawn mowing services in Sydney.

We offer regular lawn care in Sydney that will help you maintain your lawn in optimal condition. We count on a team of trusted and skilled gardeners who can be at your service as regularly as your lawn needs it. This means that your lawn care will be appropriately adjusted when it is in a dormant state and grass growth slows down during the cold weather months.

Regular lawn care is not the only garden task that people neglect. Hedge trimming and garden clean up are such ones, too. Therefore, when you’re booking your professional lawn mowing services in Sydney from Fantastic Gardeners better take advantage of our full garden maintenance package.

Why professional lawn care in Sydney makes all the difference

Many people find cutting the grass on a Sunday a therapeutic and enjoyable experience. But often, in the process, common lawn mowing mistakes are made. From trimming the grass too short to using equipment with blades that are not sharp enough – homeowners inadvertently and gradually damage their grass plots over time.

Well, this is why entrusting the care of your lawn to a professional, who has the expertise and experience, is essential before serious problems arise. So, why not try our lawn mowing services in Sydney and get:

  • Regular lawn maintenance that saves you time and effort
  • Professional advice on various potential issues with your lawn
  • Guaranteed high standard of workmanship
  • Expert assistance with other garden maintenance tasks
  • Latest petrol-powered equipment and quality tools
  • Easy options to schedule and reschedule your grass cutting service

Please, note that you can always book our additional services, such as fertilising and irrigation system installation to get the most of your lawn look.

What are the results of our lawn mowing services in Sydney?

When a professional technician takes over your lawn care in Sydney on a regular basis, you will soon see the positive outcomes. Lush, vibrantly green and with perfectly trimmed edges, your grassed area will be revived and maintained in top-notch condition.

Furthermore, a seasoned gardener will be able to recognise drainage, irrigation or possible nutrient deficiency issues with your lawn on time and consult you promptly about the measures you can take to remedy the problem.

Last but not least, a well-manicured grass plot will add value to your property and enhance the overall look of your home. You can ensure all that by simply booking our professional lawn mowing services in Sydney.

Did you know?

# Grass clippings: Not bagging the grass clippings after mowing can be beneficial for your lawn’s health. Known as “grasscycling”, leaving the grass cuttings on the lawn will act as an organic fertiliser, which will nourish naturally the plot. In addition, full of water, grass clippings will hydrate the soil and may help avoid the risk of thatch buildup.

# Fallen leaves: Creating a natural form of composting during the Autumn months is easy if you mow the leaves fallen on your lawn instead of raking them. They are rich in nutrients when left to decompose and by not bagging them, your lawn will need less watering and fertilising. Also, this way, you will contribute to the environment by not using plastic bags to collect the leaves.

# Too much shade: Even shade-tolerant grass varieties don’t thrive as they should in poor sunlight. Hence, you may need to take additional steps to maintain the health of your lawn that has been established on a shady site. Ensure that you don’t put extra stress on the grass by over-fertilising and over-watering the area, as well as by using strong herbicides to control weeds. Also, take measures regularly to prune trees that cast additional shade over the lawn, or better yet take advantage of our tree services.

Impress your neighbours with a perfectly trimmed lawn every time! Book lawn mowing services in Sydney with Fantastic Gardeners!

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