Get the Right Irrigation System for Your Garden in Sydney

Have you noticed any signs of water stress in your plants, such as unusual colouring of the foliage, wilting flowers and drooping leaves, as well as the slow growth of certain vegetables? Are fruit producing plant varieties struggling or your lawn looks yellowish and dry? Then, maybe, it’s time to consider having an effective irrigation system installed in your garden to remedy the problem.

Here, at Fantastic Gardeners Sydney, we can help you combat the dry weather periods and provide your plants with what they need. By choosing the right garden watering system, you will not only enjoy healthier plants but also have more control over your garden’s wellbeing by taking the elements out of the equation.

We specialise in installing a range of quality irrigation systems, including sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems, as well as executing rainwater tank pump installation services and more.

Why pick Fantastic Gardeners for your garden irrigation in Sydney

With years of experience in providing customers in Sydney with comprehensive garden maintenance and irrigation solutions, our company can assist you in installing the most efficient watering system that suits the type of soil in your garden, the selection of plants you grow, the grass variety of your lawn, as well as that fits your budget.

We also believe in delivering environmentally sound irrigation installation services, which are designed to reduce water consumption and bring more sustainability to your garden. If unsure about the exact type of irrigation system your green space needs, give us a call and benefit from the following:

  • Fully qualified, experienced and insured garden water system installers
  • Inspection and advice on the most appropriate irrigation solution for your outdoors
  • Expert design, parts supply and installation to meet your specific requirements
  • Guaranteed high-standard services and outstanding level of workmanship
  • Friendly customer support and flexible scheduling options

The advantages of installing irrigation for your lawn

A properly maintained lawn area adds immediately to the overall look of your property. And it goes without saying that professional lawn care doesn’t stop with cutting the grass and trimming the edges every two weeks.

Resorting to seasonal fertilising and managed watering is essential for your lawn’s health, especially when conditions, such as the type of soil, the level of light exposure and weather unpredictability are outside your control.

Furthermore, a well-installed irrigation system takes into account the natural landscape of your garden, for instance, the slope angle if the plot is uneven. This helps hydrate the soil more efficiently and evenly, as proper drainage is also taken into consideration during the installation process. Controlled irrigation also prevents you from over-watering your garden, as you can fine-tune the process. This is a much harder task when you use a garden hose.

Did you know?

# Annual rainfall: The average annual rainfall in Australia is just below 600 mm, which makes the continent the second driest on Earth after Antarctica. And relying on the sporadic rain to water your garden during the dry months of the year can lead to undesirable stress for your plants and lawn.

# Rain harvesting: If you are curious about how much rainwater you can collect from your roof per year, multiply the value of its area by the average rainfall and subtract 10% to account for evaporation and absorption.

# Type of soil: Depending on the type of soil you have in your garden, you may need to consider adjusting the frequency of irrigation. For instance, clay soils require more water but less often, whereas sandy soils need to be watered more frequently.

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