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Hedge Trimming Sydney: Let's Turn Your Hedges into Art

Hedge trimming in Sydney by Fantastic GardenersMost people get slightly intimidated when the time comes to prune their hedges. Thus, don’t spend another sleepless night, worrying if you could postpone the job, but call Fantastic Gardeners for an expert hedge trimming service in Sydney.

With us, you receive the full package: insured, experienced and skilled gardeners, equipped with quality tools and the right knowledge on various pruning techniques, which are used on different types of columnar plants. This means that you can relax and enjoy the results of your complete hedge transformation.

From looking scraggly and unkempt, at first, to being cut back to a perfect shape – your hedges will most definitely enhance your garden look. Furthermore, by “passing over the shears” to the pros you will also avoid the risk of any possible hedge trimming disasters. And these are far too common than you think, especially if you lack the right experience.

Common hedge pruning mistakes

As we’ve established, hedge trimming is a skilful job. And if you are a newbie at this, the potential mishaps are just lurking around the corner.

Over-pruning – This happens usually when a wrong cut is made and people try to fix things by over-trimming to match sides. And whether it will work or you end up with no hedge at all will depend on your level of expertise.

Shearing in the wrong shape – Any fastigiate plant will grow naturally into a V-shape, due to its top being exposed to more light. This, of course, hinders foliage development at the bottom. Hence, it is essential to trim hedges in an inverted keystone shape aka an upside-down V-shape to allow light reach the bottom branches.

Trimming at the wrong time – Trimming after bud production has begun is a common error, although sometimes necessary if you’ve just bought a house with overgrown hedges. Still, as a general rule of thumb, the best time to prune your hedge is before spring, so you can utilise the energy of the plant to grow in the direction you want.

Inadequate equipment – It goes without saying that blunt shears and hedge trimmers will produce poor results and damage your plants.

To sum this up, there are just too many things that can go wrong and end up beyond repair if you try to do the job yourself. Hence, we strongly recommend that you entrust your hedge care to the Fantastic gardening technicians.

Why hire a professional hedge trimming specialist with us

We have provided gardening services for customers in Sydney for a number of years as part of the well-established and recognisable Fantastic brand. This means that we apply the same high-standard practices that shape our company’s name.

Our hedge trimming solutions are provided by seasoned specialists. Their plant knowledge and pruning skills help them trim any type of hedges, shrubs and bushes with outstanding results to ensure that you enjoy more aesthetically looking and healthier plants. The technicians will effortlessly bring structure and style to your garden while achieving a smart finish and attractive overall look of your property.

Please, note that you can also take advantage of our arborist services that include specialist tree surgery solutions and tree pruning assistance.

Did you know?

# New hedges: Newly planted hedges should be pruned early on. The bottom must be wider than the top to ensure that enough light gets to the lower branches.

# Frequency of pruning: How often you need to trim your hedge will depend on its variety. Slow growing evergreens are usually pruned no more than three times a year. Deciduous plants may need trimming more often to keep them in control.

# Pest prevention tip: If your hedge is infested with sap-sucking pests, a good wash with a jet will help you get rid of them. Repeat the procedure as often as you need to.

Ensure your garden looks its best with a well-shaped hedge! Book your hedge trimming service in Sydney today!

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